Wrist wraps are a common use in Weightlifting, Powerlifting and Crossfit. The aim of wrist wraps are to stabilize your wrists preventing accumulated stress over a short period and preventing injuries over a longer period. There are many brands of wrist wraps available and below I’ll be going over a couple of brands available and the few differences in wrist wraps you may encounter.


Rogue is one if not the biggest brand providing great Weightlifting, Powerlifting and Crossfit equipment. There website offers a wide variety of equipment. From barbells, racks all the way to the small equipment Rogue has it all. Not only do they have their own products but you can also buy some of the best brands of equipment through their website.

Rogue Wrist Wraps:

Rogue offers four different types of wrist wraps under their own branding. Their range varies from Nylon wrist wraps to, cotton/Polyester wrist wraps and a unique pair of leather wrist wraps.

Rogue Wraps: Rogue wraps are rogue’s latest release in their line of wrist wraps. They offer athletes a streamlined, easy to adjust wrap that is less bulky than the traditional wrist wraps. Their construction is made of nylon and have a width of 2.875″ for a total length of 35″. Their new twist tight design enables athletes to do quick adjustments between sets or movements for a tighter or looser feel. This system replaces the old repeated wraps that had to be undone to be readjusted. Available in 9 different colours/patterns – $24.95

Rogue Wrist Wraps: Rogue wrist wraps are Rogue’s conventional wrist wrap. They are available in three different length and offer great stability. They are m

made of 40% elastic, 10% polyester and 50% cotton. These ensure great breath ability and a good absorption of moisture. They come with a thumb loop and a hook and loop system to securely fit the wraps at whatever fit is needed. They are available in three sizes raging from 12″, 18″ and 24″ for those looking for a maximum amount of stabilization in the wrists.

Available in 6 colours-$12.75

Leather Wrist Wraps: Rogue features two leather wrist wraps in its catalog for a more old school feel. Inspired by the legendary Powerlifter Terry Todd. Each strap features a vegetable tanned leather with nickled-plated brassroller buckles and pivets. These two wrist wraps will fit most male and female athletes. Both wrist wraps are constructed similarly except that one has a single-strap with patend pending design that allows athletes better custom fitting by using two offsetting lines of holes. While the second leather strap features a double strap closing system, both straps measure 2.5″in width and 20″ in length.


Rehband RX Wrist Support

Rehband RX Wrist Supports were developed by 2014 Crossfit Games winner Camille Leblanc-Bazinet. These wrist supports are constructed of 5mm neoprene and allow a wide variety of movements. The flexible design of the RX Wrist Supports provide steady compression, warmth and added stability. They come in sizes ranging from Small to X-Large. These wrist supports are ideal for those looking for just that extra support weather in CrossFit or Weightlifting.

Available in Black or Pink- $17.99

Schiek Wrist Wraps

Schiek Tia-Claire Toomey Edition Wrist Wraps: Tia-Claire Toomey is three times “Fittest on Earth” crossfit games winner. These Wrist wraps were made for her by Schiek. They are constructed of 3″ wide heavyweight elastic cotton with an overall length of either 12″, 18″ and 24″. Each wrap includes a thumb loop for easy application with an extra hook and loop system for ideal fit.

Colour- Black/white- $19.95

Schiek Wrist Wraps: Schiek Wrist Wraps are available in three sizes, 12″, 18″ and 24″. These wrist wraps are constructed of a strong elastic cotton with extra thickness for added support. They are combined with a hook and loop system that comes around the thumb for optimal fitting. They also feature exposed rubber to prevent any sorts of slipping. All sizes come with the same width of 3″. Schiek suggest that Olympic weightlifters and crossfiters use 12″ and 18″ wraps for added support while maintaining mobility while powerlifters or strong man might want to opt for the 24″ wraps that add optimum stability in the wrist.

Colour- Black/blue: 12″- $22.95, 18″-$24.95, 24″-$27.95

Rocktape American Rockwrists

Rocktape American Rockwrists were developed with Rogue’s athlete Jason Khalipa, These are hybrid wrist wraps designed to be lightweight providing added support without taking away any range of mobility. They are constructed of a comfortable cotton/nylon material and are secured by a hook and loop system. Each wrist wrap is 22″ long and 2.5″ wide.

Colour: Red, White & Blue- $24.99


Wether you are a beginner or advance weightlifter, powerlifter or crossfiter you will benefit from using wrist wraps. In this post I have not gone over all the brands that do make wrist wraps. Instead, I chose some more popular ones available. When purchashing a pair of wrist wraps you do not necesseraly need to buy the most expensive ones, the important part is to actual own a pair because over time it will help decrease risks of injuries to your wrist. If you are a first time buyer look for something that generally fits good. I know that can be hard to do while buying online but usually if you are a relatively small person with small wrist the smaller sizes such as 12″ in length will fit you appropriately. Same goes for medium to big built lifters. They’ll want to focus more on 18″ wrist wraps. For those seeking powerlifting wrist wraps. Essentially they are the same as for weightlifters. You just have to look for the overall biggest size in length. That way you can lock your wrist even more so that a weightlifter or crossfiter would want to. A good size for powerlifting wrist wraps is around 22″ to 24″ some brands may even go bigger than that. Overall you want to look for a pair that you enjoy visually and feel comfortable training with. Over time your wrists will thank you.

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