What is CrossFit training exactly? CrossFit was founded in 2000 by Glassman and Lauren Jennai. The program in itself is a mix of strength and conditioning program which is primarily made up of aerobic exercises, calisthenics and Olympic style weightlifting. Crossfit is widely promoted as both a physical exercise but also a competitive fitness sport where athletes go head-to-head and in a majority of the time have to execute workouts as quickly as possible or for as many reps possible. Crossfit inc, describes their strength and conditioning program as “constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity abroad time and modal domains”.

Crossfit Exercises

As mentioned before Crossfit exercises are based around varied, high intensity, functional movements. These movements are made up of varied sports such as, calisthenics, Olympic style weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman type events, plyometrics, body-weight exercises, indoor rowing, running and swimming. The aim behind CrossFit is to have the most well-rounded athletes which are capable of transferring what they learn in the gym to their everyday life style. Crossfit has endless possibilities when it comes to creating workouts but each workout follows a certain rule when it comes to longevity or amount of reps to due per WOD (workout of the day). Below is the main schemes that will be followed for each workout.

  • AMRAP- As many rounds/reps as possible in a given time cap.
  • E.M.O.M- Every minute on the minute execute reps/exercises as listed.
  • CHIPPER- List of exercises you must finish in a given order. (only one round)
  • TABATA- As many reps possible in 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds rest. Then repeat until you have accumulated 4 minutes worth of workout.
  • SINGLET, COUPLET, TRIPLET- Singlet means one exercise workout, couplet has two and triplet three. On the workout board it will often say 21-15-9 with one, two or three exercises which you must do for each three rounds. Starting with 21 reps of all exercises followed by 15 and finishing with 9.
  • TIME CAP- You get a certain amount of exercises and reps you must complete in that time cap. If you finish before the end of the time cap you get to rest and if you do not complete the list in the given time you must start over in the next round without taking a break.

Crossfit Gyms/boxes

Each individual that desires to start CrossFit must first find a CrossFit box near them. If you are new to CrossFit you will have to go through four to five fundamental classes depending on the gyms, where you are taught the basics of each movement. These are put in place for your own safety but so that you also get a better understanding of the movements that will be required from you while taking part in CrossFit classes. Once you have completed your fundamentals you will be ready to partake in your boxes CrossFit classes. All around the world CrossFit boxes follow all a common scheme. Each class will last around 1 hour with this given process.

  • Warm up
  • Skill development/ Strength training
  • High intensity workout (WOD)
  • Stretching (depending on the boxes)

Crossfit boxes also provide you with extra classes including,

  • Weightlifting
  • Gymnastics
  • Mobility (stretching)

These however are not centered around a WOD but instead focus on improving your technique.

    CrossFit Equipment

    Being that CrossFit is made up of numerous sports it naturally has a wide range of equipment. In a CrossFit box you will come across,

    • Barbells
    • Dumbells
    • Kettlebells
    • Gymnastic rings
    • Rope climbs
    • Pull up bars
    • Jump ropes
    • Medecine balls
    • Plyo boxes
    • Rowing machines
    • Skiergs
    • Assault Bikes
    • Assault air runner (treadmills which are only powered by you)
    • Resistance bands

    When it comes to individual equipment you will need the basics of, comfortable shorts and t-shirts that allow you to move without restriction. Indoor fitness shoes which have a flat sole to allow good stability. A pair of weightlifting shoes for weightlifting and squat workouts. Wrists raps (although they are not a must) and a weightlifting belt for when you do 1 rep max.

    CrossFit Games

    The CrossFit Games is the pinnical of all competitions when it comes to CrossFit. Everyone has the ability to sign up and attempt qualifications for the games. The method is quite simple actually. Every year qualifications start with “the opens”. The opens are 5 different workouts over 5 weeks where each individual has the chance to partake in via their Crossfit box. The workouts are released every Thursday evening and can be attempted as many times as necessary by an athlete before submitting his results officially online either through a video or after being cleared by an official judge. At the end of the 5 weeks, the best ranked male and female athlete per country in each category gets selected to move on. For each country their is also a designated best affiliated athlete which gets crowned national champion that has a chance to qualify for the games.

    If top athletes failed to qualify to the games via the opens they have the possibility of going through sanctioned events. Currently their are 15 sanctioned events around the world taking place before the games. Each winner per category gets a qualification to the games.

    Once at the CrossFit games their is left 35 of the best men, 35 women, 14 teams, 40 teens and 120 master. The CrossFit Games rank the fittest athletes on earth through multiple workouts unknown to the athletes until the last minute.


    To conclude, CrossFit is a relatively new sport that is becoming one of the most popular styles of working out. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned athlete. Every workout will be challenging to each individual. If you have the desire to push yourself past your limits, CrossFit is for you.

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