Weightlifting shoes as explained numerous times are a great purchase for your CrossFit training sessions and a must for your Olympic style weighting sessions. In this short but thorough post I’ll be going over your cheap weightlifting shoes possibilities for those that want to commit to buying their first pair but do not want to break the bank. I’ll also be going over what sort of available kid’s weightlifting shoes their are and also the slim differences between women and men weightlifting shoes.

Cheap Weightlifting Shoes

There are a few choices out their for you to choose from when it comes too so to say cheap weightlifting shoes. Although, by cheap you will be looking at a price range of around 90$ to 130$. These are the entry prices to a branded pair of weightlifting shoes. You may be lucky and find yourself a couple pairs that could be below that 90$ if you buy weightlifting shoes that have been put on sale.

Adidas Powerlift 4 – If you are looking for a first time purchase on weightlifting shoes the Adidas Powerlift 4 could be your ideal pick. Starting anywhere between 80$ to a 100$ for the latest coulour release. You may find them for even cheaper on eBay or amazon. 

Reebok Lifter Pr – Reebok is widely known as one of the best brands in Weightlifting and Crossfit. Their entry model are the Reebok Lifter Pr. These will come in around anywhere between 89$ to 100$. If you are looking for a well recognized brand, these could be the lifters for you. 

Do-Win Weightlifting shoes – Do-win is a smaller company that you may not of heard much about. Their weightlifting shoes have been worn by more athletes in Olympic style weightlifting than by CrossFit athletes. None the less they offer a great entry price weightlifting shoe that comes in at 105$. 

Adidas Power Perfect – Adidas has a wide variety of weightlifting shoes. Adidas’s power perfect is their mid entry weightlifting shoes that have even been chosen by many athletes over their top of the line shoe. Although a tad more expensive than the other examples these weightlifting shoes go for around 130$ to 150$ if you are buying the latest models. 

Do-Win Classic Lifters – As mentioned above Do-Win is a smaller company that has been less heard of. However, they more known for their classic lifters which incorporate new technology with a classic weightlifting shoe appearance. They go for 125$- If you like the authentic weightlifting style shoes, these should satisfy what you are looking for.

Kids Weightlifting Shoes

When it comes to kid’s weightlifting shoes, their aren’t that many options available. This is particularly due to until recent years not many kid’s were pushed or allowed to practice the sport of weightlifting due to the belief that lifting weights could cause growth issues or other physical issues. Truth is with good technique continually applied and adapted weights, weightlifting or crossfit should not have any effect a kid’s health. However, more and more kid’s choose to practice these sports nowadays and usually depending on the age and foot size your best option would be at buying female weightlifting shoes. Some brands such as Nike and Adidas offer weightlifting shoes starting at a US size 3. These could be a good option as women’s weightlifting shoes have a slightly slimmer toe box area. Another option would be to look at the Asian market which offers cheap unbranded weightlifting shoes. You might get lucky and find something that could suit your kid. Otherwise, the last option and most likely the best root to go for new comers would be to buy a Crossfit like trainer which has a flat stable sole and add a raised heel on the inside of the shoes. This could be an interesting option since kid’s usually don’t lack mobility in their inferior limbs.

Women Weightlifting Shoes / Men Weightlifting Shoes

Weightlifting shoes for men and women are not very different after all. The main difference coming from the width of the shoes and the sizes available they come in. Another difference between men and female weightlifting shoes will come from the available colour schemes. Although most brands have similar coulour options in men and female sizes. If you are a woman with feet on the bigger size or simply on the wider side you might be tempted to buy men’s shoes. Don’t worry this is a perfectly fine option. Another example for men that have small feet and also have skinny feet. Females shoe might be a better option. Remember in weightlifting you want shoes that will have a snug fit around your feet. Therefor if you have skinny small feet don’t hesitate in looking in the opposite genders section. Whether you are a male or female all weightlifting shoes benefit of the same attributes.


If you are a first time buyer in weightlifting shoes or simply looking for a budget pair of weightlifting shoes, make sure to have a look at what Adidas, Reebok and Do-Win have to offer. Although most of their shoes due come in at a higher price, They also have great entry level weightlifting shoes that could suit your needs. If your children have decided to start weightlifting or crossfit. Make sure to have a look at either women sizes through the brands Adidas and Nike or simply buy them a flat sole training shoe and then add on the interior a raised heel. These two options will be a great start to a successful weightlifting career. To conclude don’t over look female or male weightlifting shoes because of their gender category because when purchasing a weightlifting shoe the number 1 priority is to find a snug but comfortable pair that will allow you to correctly execute your movements.

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