What brands of Weightlifting Shoes are there? In this article I’ll be going over the main brands you can find. There are many brands to choose from when purchasing yourself a pair of weightlifting shoes. Most big shoe companies have their own weightlifting shoes. Such as Nike, Reebok, Adidas and Asics. Other companies such as NoBull or Inov specialize in the making of weightlifting shoes but being that they are smaller companies you may not have heard of them.

Nike Romaleos 3 XD

The Romaleos 3 XD are Nike’s all new weightlifting shoe which is the direct replacement for the old Romaleos 3. The shoe is built of a leather like base material which is thicker than the previous version of this shoe. The main goal for Nike was to increase its shoes durability and they have done just that. The all new shoe retails at 200$ which is right in the range of its competitors. These new shoes feature,

  • A new thicker tongue
  • A revised toe box area
  • 3/4 inches (19.05mm) heel
  • soft training insert
  • hard competition insert
  • single strap over foot

The romaleos 3 XD are the lightest weightlifting shoes on the market. Making them a very comfortable shoe to use during workouts. This feeling is amplified by the amount of flexibility you get out of the toe box area. Nike Romaleos fit true to your shoe size.

Two things to watch out if you decide to purchase Nike Romaleos 3 XD.

  1. If you have wider feet than the norm you might want to considering a different make of weightlifting shoes or size above.
  2. The Nike Romaleos are a bit less stable compared to other manufacturers due to the shoes being slightly more narrow and them being very light for a weightlifting shoe.

Reebok Legacy

Reebok Legacy’s in my opinion are the holy grail of Weightlifting shoes. They provide an incredible sensation of feeling planted to the ground. This is due to their weight being 560g per shoe (20.8 ounces). This tends to be on the heavier side compared to some other brands available but with the extra weight comes extra stability. The Reebok Legacy’s retail at 200$ just like its direct competitor Nike Romaleos.

Reebok Legacy’s feature,

  • 3/4 inches heel (19.05mm)
  • Synthetic based material
  • two straps (one over toes and one over the upper part of the shoe)
  • Wide toe box
  • true fitting size
  • Grippe sole

The Reebok Legacys are a proven Weightlifting shoe. With itss double strap plus lace combination they provide a supper stable feel around your feet. With the added weight and grippy sole they will guarantee great stability and durability. The shoe fits a wide range of feet. With the combination of a wide toe box and a double strap system the shoe is sure to securely strap around wide feet and skinny feet.

If you are keen on colour matching your outfits or simply want colourful shoes be sure to check out Reeboks legacy’s. As they are the brand with the most colour options out there for women and men.

Adidas Power Perfect 3

Adidas Power perfect are most likely the best pick in terms of value for your money. They come with a simplistic style that is appreciated by many in the weightlifting/crossfit community. Used by many professional lifters don’t let its low price at 130$ and its simplistic look dub you into thinking these shoes aren’t worth your time. The Adidas Power Perfect feature,

  • 3/4 inches heel (19.05mm)
  • EVA constructed heel
  • Synthetic leather upper shoe
  • Single strap
  • Bolistic mesh toe box

Adidas Power Perfect are known for their incredible quality! Being given a 10 out of 10 by many. They also provide good stability and don’t obstruct movement during your lift. These shoes however tend to fit people with wide feet better. People with slimmer feet have reported feeling like they float around the toe box area, while others who did not feel comfortable in the Nike Romaleos felt right at home in the Adidas Power Perfect.

Asics Lift Master Lite

Asics are well-known for their running trainers but since three years now have released worldwide their very first lifting shoe. The Asics lift master lite. Very well-received in the community due to its slick black synthetic material built and its very attractive price ranging from 100/140$. The Asics lift master lite are one to not over look. The shoe features,

  • 17.5mm heel (0.68 inches)
  • Synthetic material build
  • mesh on toe box area (for breath ability and flexibility)
  • very grippe rubber out sole
  • TPU heel
  • 16.8 ounces per shoe (476g)
  • single strap

Much appreciated for its slick black look the Asics lift master lite provide a very stable feel throughout your heel to your toes. This is largely due to its very grippe out sole with the combination of a single strap. The shoe is highlited by its gradual heel height that has a much more natural feel to them compared to many of its competitors. They also provide a good amount of flexibility.

Unfortunately these lifters only come in one colour.

NoBull Lifter

NoBull lifters are less known by the public but are a true lifter ready to take on all your workout sessions. The brand itself is based fully on weightlifting/ crossfit. They bring a unique look to the weightlifting game by using higher end materials for its construction. With that comes a higher price tag. Retailing at 300$.

The shoe offers,

  • 18.5mm heel (0.73 inches)
  • Stacked leather heel (looks like wood at first site)
  • Details on the shoe are amazing
  • NoBulls signature super fabric
  • Natural feeling shoe (no break in needed)
  • Single strap

The NoBull lifters come with an 18.5mm heel which slightly lower than most of its competitors but they are largely regarded as the most optimal heel height. NoBulls signature super fabric is what the shoe is mostly constructed of. The fabric itself is super robust and is also water repellent. Keeping your toes dry at all time.

Are the extra 100$ justified? Well the shoe itself won’t do anything better than the Reebok legacy or even the Nike Romaleos. But what they do is bring a unique look that will make you stand out from the rest of the competition. 4

Inov-8 Fast Lift

The Inov-8 Fast Lift are perhaps the most advance shoes in terms of technology compared to its rivals. The shoe itself is mostly built from a mono piece helping with the overall durability of the shoe. Having as little stitching as possible. The shoe retails at 190$ making them just 10$ cheaper then its competitors even though its system of BOA straps makes them the most technology advance. The Inov-8 Fast lift feature,

  • 1.6mm heel (0.65 inches)
  • Meta flex in the toe area
  • TPU heel construction (hollow but firm pillars construct the heel)
  • Durable shoe/not a lot of stitching
  • Two BOA strap system to tighten the shoe

1.6mm heel places these shoes at the bottom of the list with the smallest heel height. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Athetes all have their preferences in heel heights. Depending on your amount of mobility you will benefit more or less from a higher or smaller heel height. These weightlifting shoes are very light but still offer a good amount of stability overall. What makes the shoes unique is their system of BOA straps. Unlike regular weightlifting shoes which use one or two straps to firmly close there shoes. Inov decided to go with the system BOA which is a system that uses metal cables to firmly tighten your shoe when you twist the locking wheel.

On the downside the Inov-8 have a thin inner material around the middle of the foot area. Once the shoes are broken in some comments are that the shoe becomes to lose around that area, although this is not ideal. It is not something that has been stated to happen to many usurers.


To conclude I personally don’t think their is a particularly bad shoe on the market, although the market at the moment pushes the Reebok Legacy to the top of there list. I still do believe it’s a matter of opinion. If you are someone that has large feet I would lean towards going with the Adidas Power Perfect or the Reebok Legacy’s which both incorporate large toe box areas. On the other hand if you are someone that lacks mobility you will want to choose a shoe that has a high heel. Such as the Nike Romaleos, NoBull lifter or Reebok Legacy’s. If you out their looking for aesthetics you can’t go wrong with the Nike Romaleos or Reeboks legacy’s which come in so many colour options you won’t know which ones to choose.

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